Yemen - Mokha Matari (Medium)

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Source: Yemen

Region: Bani Matari

Farm: Various small farms 

Variety: Heirloom Types

Altitude: 2000-2400 MASL

Process: Natural (Dry Process)

Notes: Banana Bread, Candied Walnuts, Chai Spice, Apricot

Size 10oz

***Special Notes***

This coffee was brokered by Fatoum Muslot who has taken over his fathers coffee business which was started in the 1950's. Yemeni coffee is extremely rare and hard to import into the United States. Yemen is currently at war which makes importing this coffee a very difficult challenge. In fact many coffee professionals have not had the opportunity to taste Yemeni coffee, even though the common term of Mokha comes from this region of coffee. This coffee in particular, the Mokha Matari is of absolute unrivaled quality. The farmers working with Fatoum only harvest ripe red coffee cherries, a practice that is not common in Yemen. The altitude of this coffee is also the highest in Yemen ranging from 2000-2400 meters above sea level. This leads to extreme complexity and an exciting coffee that rates 9.6/10 on complexity. Due to the exclusivity of this coffee and the current conflicts, we paid a high price to offer it to you. Part of the cost included a Doctors Without Borders donation who help to provide humanitarian relief in this region. We likely won't be able to have access to this coffee for years to come, the quantity is very limited. Please enjoy