Brazil - Serra Negra (Medium)

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In the rugged terrain of Brazil lies Serra Negra, the "black mountain," a coffee that embodies the essence of Minas Gerais. From the heart of Carmo de Minas, this brew emerges as a stalwart companion, dependable and robust, yet with a price accessible to all. Its rich tapestry unfolds with the comforting hues of chocolate and nuts, a foundation upon which any blend finds strength. Yet, when savored alone, it reveals a delicate melody of fruit and the sweet nectar of honey, a testament to its yellow bourbon lineage. Serra Negra stands tall, a testament to the enduring spirit of Brazilian coffee. We roast Serra Negra and all of our specialty coffee's in small batches or order to preserve freshness and bring out all the flavors the bean has to offer. 

Medium Roast Tasting Notes: Cocoa nibs, Caramel, Orange

Dark Roast Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Caramel, Hazelnut 

Aroma: milk chocolate, nuts, cherry, honey, parsley 

Body: light, lingering

Finish: bitter dark chocolate, nutty

Roast Level: medium or dark

Source  Brazil
Region  South Minas
Farm Various Regional Farms
Variety Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai, Maracaturra, Maragogype, Typica
Altitude 900-1200 meters above sea level
Process Natural


Available in 10oz or 5lb bags