Ethiopia - Sidama (Light)

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Source: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Farmer: Mr. Basha Bekele
Variety: Heirloom
Altitude: 2230 MASL
Process: Natural 
Notes: Powdered Sugar, Raspberry, Chocolate, Light Florals


This lovely coffee comes from Bombe which has some of highest altitude in Sidama. There is no wonder that this little 50-kilometer area is the home for almost all of the Cup of Excellence winners (The competition to judge the very best coffees in the world). Mr. Basha Bekele the owner and operator of the farm that grew this coffee is extremely experienced in growing this world renown coffee. His farm is 6-hectares and it follows the best practices if SCFCU (Sidama Coffee Farmers Coopertive Union).  This award worthy coffee would be a treat to any coffee lover from the average enjoyer all the way to the judges at the Cup of Excellence. We're happy to have curated this coffee for you. Enjoy.